Why I Don’t Talk On The Phone

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Lots of people have asked me and failed to understand why I avoid talking on the phone. So here is my best explanation.

This is why I avoid talking on the phone at all costs…

I can’t hear. I am deaf in my right ear. So you say just use your other ear. Easy enough right? True, except that when I try to talk on the phone there is usually a lot of background noise, and my brain can’t handle that. It’s hard for me to hear to start with, but add background noise and the fact that you sound different from the phone, and my brain is just too overwhelmed, just like if I’m in a noisy room, I get headaches, and have to leave, because it’s overwhelming.

I also cannot see the person, so I can’t read lips or body language. Which is something I rely on a lot in my everyday life.  It’s very similar to Why I Always Use Subtitles.

Yesterday we were near Marysville to visit my siblings at camp and we went to Five Guys  Burgers and Fries for dinner, and because I’m very absentminded sometimes, I left my iPod touch there. Now I didn’t realize this until we were back in Bellingham. So I called the place, and thankfully someone had turned it in. But the phone call itself was miserable for me. We were in the van, still driving home, and the person on the other end was very quiet. I had to ask her to repeat herself three different times. It’s situations like that where my hearing loss just kills me. Or if I’m ordering at Starbucks when it’s super loud. I usually just say that I am deaf in my right ear. But when I’m already struggling so much to have a simple conversation it seems stupid to drag it on any longer just to explain that.

If you still don’t understand why I avoid talking on the phone, then I am truly sorry, but that’s the best explanation I’ve got.




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